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Articles rattachés à des protocoles :

Connolly SJ, Yusuf S, Camm J, …, Mabo P, … Young DR, Zoble RG. “Effect of Clopidogrel Added to Aspirin in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation.” N Engl J Med 360:2066-2078.
Protocole : Active
Probst V, Mabo P, Sacher F, Babuty D, Mansourati J, Le Marec H. “Effect of Baroreflex Stimulation Using Phenylephrine Injection on St Segment Elevation and Ventricular Arrhythmia-Inducibility in Brugada Syndrome Patients.” Europace 11:382-384.
Protocole : Brugada
Probst V, Wilde AA, Barc J, Sacher F, Babuty D, Mabo P, Mansourati J, Le Scouarnec S, Kyndt F, Le Caignec C, Guicheney P, Gouas L, Albuisson J, Meregalli PG, Le Marec H, Tan HL, Schott JJ. “Scn5a Mutations and the Role of Genetic Background in the Pathophysiology of Brugada Syndrome.” Circ Cardiovasc Genet 2:552-557.
Protocole : Brugada
Gervais R, Leclercq C, Shankar A, Jacobs S, Eiskjaer H, Johannessen A, Freemantle N, Cleland JG, Tavazzi L, Daubert JC. “Surface Electrocardiogram to Predict Outcome in Candidates for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: A Sub-Analysis of the Care-Hf Trial.” Eur J Heart Fail 11:699-705.
Protocole : Care-HF 
Beuchee A, Carrault G, Bansard JY, Boutaric E, Betremieux P, Pladys P. “Uncorrelated Randomness of the Heart Rate Is Associated with Sepsis in Sick Premature Infants.” Neonatology 96:109-114.
Protocole : Caress-Premi
Meregalli PG, Tan HL, Probst V, Koopmann TT, Tanck MW, Bhuiyan ZA, Sacher F, Kyndt F, Schott JJ, Albuisson J, Mabo P, Bezzina CR, Le Marec H, Wilde AA. “Type of Scn5a Mutation Determines Clinical Severity and Degree of Conduction Slowing in Loss-of-Function Sodium Channelopathies.” Heart Rhythm 6:341-348.
Protocole : Genechoc
Donal E, de Place C, Leclercq C, Daubert JC. “Selection of Patients Responding to Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy: Implications for Echocardiography.” Arch Cardiovascul Dis 102:65-74.
Protocole : IMOP
Fleureau J, Garreau M, Boulmier D, Leclercq C, Hernandez A. “Segmentation 3d Multi-Objets D'images Scanner Cardiaques : Une Approche Multi-Agents.” IRBM 30:104-113.
Protocole : IMOP
Lafitte S, Reant P, Zaroui A, Donal E, Mignot A, Bougted H, Belghiti H, Bordachar P, Deplagne A, Chabaneix J, Franceschi F, Deharo JC, Dos Santos P, Clementy J, Roudaut R, Leclercq C, Habib G. “Validation of an Echocardiographic Multiparametric Strategy to Increase Responders Patients after Cardiac Resynchronization: A Multicentre Study.” Eur Heart J 30:2880-2887.
Protocole : IMOP
Donal E, Lund LH, Linde C, Edner M, Lafitte S, Persson H, Bauer F, Ohrvik J, Ennezat PV, Hage C, Lofman I, Juilliere Y, Logeart D, Derumeaux G, Gueret P, Daubert JC. “Rationale and Design of the Karolinska-Rennes (Karen) Prospective Study of Dyssynchrony in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction.” Eur J Heart Fail 11:198-204.
Protocole : Karen
Daubert JC, Gold MR, Abraham WT, Ghio S, Hassager C, Goode G, Szili-Torok T, Linde C. "Prevention of Disease Progression by Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in Patients with Asymptomatic or Mildly Symptomatic Left Ventricular Dysfunction: Insights from the European Cohort of the Reverse (Resynchronization Reverses Remodeling in Systolic Left Ventricular Dysfunction) Trial." J Am Coll Cardiol 54:1837-1846.
Protocole : REVERSE
St John Sutton M, Ghio S, Plappert T, Tavazzi L, Scelsi L, Daubert JC, Abraham WT, Gold MR, Hassager C, Herre JM, Linde C. “Cardiac Resynchronization Induces Major Structural and Functional Reverse Remodeling in Patients with New York Heart Association Class I/Ii Heart Failure.” Circulation 120:1858-1865.
Protocole : REVERSE

Articles non rattachés à des protocoles :

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Brevets et dépôt de logiciels app :

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