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Articles rattachés à des protocoles :

Caballero L, Kou S, Dulgheru R, Gonjilashvili N, Athanassopoulos GD, Barone D, Baroni M, Cardim N, Gomez de Diego JJ, Oliva MJ, Hagendorff A, Hristova K, Lopez T, Magne J, Martinez C, de la Morena G, Popescu BA, Penicka M, Ozyigit T, Rodrigo Carbonero JD, Salustri A, Van De Veire N, Von Bardeleben RS, Vinereanu D, Voigt JU, Zamorano JL, Bernard A, Donal E, Lang RM, Badano LP, Lancellotti P. “Echocardiographic reference ranges for normal cardiac Doppler data: results from the NORRE Study.” Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging 16:1031-1041.
Protocole : Norre 
Lorcy N, Dourmap-Collas C, Lafourcade A, Le Stum S, Victor B, Donal E, Laguerre B, Verhoest G, Oger E, Vigneau C. “Is home blood pressure monitoring feasible and well accepted in nephrectomized patients for renal cancer? (STAFF study).” Blood Press 1-4.
Protocole : Staff 
Rosier A, Mabo P, Chauvin M, Burgun A. “An ontology-based annotation of cardiac implantable electronic devices to detect therapy changes in a national registry.” IEEE J Biomed Health Inform 19:971-978.
Protocole : Akénaton
Anselmi A, Ruggieri VG, Harmouche M, Fouquet O, Kaladji A, Flécher E, Beneux X, Lucas A, Verhoye JP. “Combined Frozen Elephant Trunk and Endovascular Repair for Extensive Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms.” Ann Vasc Surg 29:905-912.
Protocole : Angiovision
Daoudal A, Cardon A, Verhoye JP, Clochard E, Lucas A, Kaladji A. “Sealing zones have a greater influence than iliac anatomy on the occurrence of limb occlusion following endovascular aortic aneurysm repair.” Vascular Epub ahead of print.
Protocole : Angiovision
Kaladji A, Dumenil A, Mahé G, Castro M, Cardon A, Lucas A, Haigron P. "Safety and accuracy of endovascular aneurysm repair without pre-operative and intra-operative contrast agent." Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg 49:255-261.
Protocole : Angiovision
Le Scouarnec S, Karakachoff M, Gourraud JB, Lindenbaum P, Bonnaud S, Portero V, Duboscq-Bidot L, Daumy X, Simonet F, Teusan R, Baron E, Violleau J, Persyn E, Bellanger L, Barc J, Chatel S, Martins R, Mabo P, Sacher F, Haïssaguerre M, Kyndt F, Schmitt S, Bézieau S, Le Marec H, Dina C, Schott JJ, Probst V, Redon R. “Testing the burden of rare variation in arrhythmia-susceptibility genes provides new insights into molecular diagnosis for Brugada syndrome.” Hum Mol Genet Epub 24:2757-2763.
Protocole : Brugada et SNA
Betancur J, Simon A, Halbert E, Tavard F, Carré F, Hernández A, Schnell F, Garreau M. "Registration of dynamic multiview 2D ultrasound and late gadolinium enhanced images of the heart: Application to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy characterization." Med Image Anal 28:13-21.
Protocole : CardioMyopathie Hypertrophique
Feneon D, Schnell F, Galli E, Bernard A, Mabo P, Daubert JC, Carré F, Donal E. "Impact of exercise-induced mitral regurgitation on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy outcomes." Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging Epub ahead of print.
Protocole : CardioMyopathie Hypertrophique
Marijon E, Leclercq C, Narayanan K, Boveda S, Klug D, Lacaze-Gadonneix J, Daubert JC, Le Heuzey JY. "Causes-of-death analysis of patients with cardiac resynchronization therapy: an analysis of the CeRtiTuDe cohort study." Eur Heart J 36:2767-2776.
Protocole : CeRtiTuDe
Mewton N, Cung TT, Morel O, Cayla G, Bonnefoy-Cudraz E, Rioufol G, Angoulvant D, Guerin P, Elbaz M, Delarche N, Coste P, Vanzetto G, Metge M, Aupetit JF, Jouve B, Motreff P, Tron C, Labeque JN, Steg PG, Cottin Y, Range G, Clerc J, Coussement P, Prunier F, Moulin F, Roth O, Belle L, Dubois P, Barragan P, Gilard M, Piot C, Colin P, Morice MC, Monassier JP, Ider O, Dubois-Randé JL, Unterseeh T, Le Breton H, Beard T, Blanchard D, Grollier G, Malquarti V, Staat P, Sudre A, Hansson MJ, Elmer E, Boussaha I, Jossan C, Torner A, Claeys M, Garcia-Dorado D, Ovize M, CIRCUS Study Investigators. “Rationale and design of the Cyclosporine to ImpRove Clinical oUtcome in ST-elevation myocardial infarction patients (the CIRCUS trial).” Am Heart J 169:758-766.
Protocole : Circus
Schnell F, Riding N, O'Hanlon R, Axel Lentz P, Donal E, Kervio G, Matelot D, Leurent G, Doutreleau S, Chevalier L, Guerard S, Wilson MG, Carré F. “Recognition and significance of pathological T-wave inversions in athletes.” Circulation 131:165-173.
Protocole : Cœur d’athlète
Chatard JC, Mujika I, Goiriena JJ, Carré F. "Screening young athletes for prevention of sudden cardiac death: Practical recommendations for sports physicians." Scand J Med Sci Sports Epub ahead of print.
Protocole : Cœur d’athlète
Schnell F, Claessen G, La Gerche A, Bogaert J, Lentz PA, Claus P, Carré F, Heidbuchel H. "Subepicardial delayed gadolinium enhancement in asymptomatic athletes: let sleeping dogs lie?" Br J Sports Med Epub ahead of print.
Protocole : Cœur d’athlète
Schnell F, Riding N, O'Hanlon R, Lentz PA, Donal E, Kervio G, Leurent G, Wilson MG, Carré F. "Response to Letter Regarding Article, "Recognition and Significance of Pathological T-Wave Inversions in Athletes." Circulation 132:-181-e182.
Protocole : Cœur d’athlète
Sheikh N, Papadakis M, Schnell F, Panoulas V, Malhotra A, Wilson M, Carré F, Sharma S. "Clinical Profile of Athletes With Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy." Circ Cardiovasc Imaging 8:e003454.
Protocole : Cœur d’athlète
Gindre J, Bel-Brunon A, Kaladji A, Duménil A, Rochette M, Lucas A, Haigron P, Combescure A. "Finite element simulation of the insertion of guidewires during an EVAR procedure: example of a complex patient case, a first step toward patient-specific parameterized models." Int J Numer Method Biomed Eng 31:e02716.
Protocole : ENDOSIM
Loirat A, Fénéon D, Behaghel A, Behar N, Le Helloco A, Mabo P, Daubert JC, Leclercq C, Martins RP. "Pacemaker replacement in nonagenarians: Procedural safety and long-term follow-up." Arch Cardiovasc Dis 108:367-374.
Protocole : Explantation PM/DEF
Chirouze C, Alla F, Fowler VG, Sexton DJ, Corey GR, Chu VH, Wang A, Erpelding ML, Durante-Mangoni E, Fernández-Hidalgo N, Giannitsioti E, Hannan MM, Lejko-Zupanc T, Miró JM, Muñoz P, Murdoch DR, Tattevin P, Tribouilloy C, Hoen B, Donal E, ICE Prospective Investigators. “Impact of early valve surgery on outcome of Staphylococcus aureus prosthetic valve infective endocarditis: analysis in the International Collaboration of Endocarditis-Prospective Cohort Study.” Clin Infect Dis 60:714-749.
Protocole : ICE-PCS 
Delahaye F, Chu VH, Altclas J, Barsic B, Delahaye A, Freiberger T, Gordon DL, Hannan MM, Hoen B, Kanj SS, Lejko-Zupanc T, Mestres CA, Pachirat O, Pappas P, Lamas C, Selton-Suty C, Tan R, Tattevin P, Wang A, Donal E, International Collaboration on Endocarditis Prospective Cohort Study (ICE-PCS) Investigators. “One-year outcome following biological or mechanical valve replacement for infective endocarditis.” Int J Cardiol 178:117-123.
Protocole : ICE-PCS 
Rousselet L, Le Rolle V, Ojeda D, Guiraud D, Hagege A, Bel A, Bonnet JL, Mabo P, Carrault G, Hernandez AI. “Influence of Vagus Nerve Stimulation parameters on chronotropism and inotropism in heart failure.” Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 526-529.
Protocole : Intense
Ugalde HR, Le Rolle V, Bel A, Bonnet JL, Andreu D, Mabo P, Carrault G, Hernandez AI. “On-off closed-loop control of vagus nerve stimulation for the adaptation of heart rate.” Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 6262-6265.
Protocole : Intense
Gilard M, Barragan P, Noryani AA, Noor HA, Majwal T, Hovasse T, Castellant P, Schneeberger M, Maillard L, Bressolette E, Wojcik J, Delarche N, Blanchard D, Jouve B, Ormezzano O, Paganelli F, Levy G, Sainsous J, Carrie D, Furber A, Berland J, Darremont O, Le Breton H, Lyuycx-Bore A, Gommeaux A, Cassat C, Kermarrec A, Cazaux P, Druelles P, Dauphin R, Armengaud J, Dupouy P, Champagnac D, Ohlmann P, Endresen K, Benamer H, Kiss RG, Ungi I, Boschat J, Morice MC. “6- versus 24-month dual antiplatelet therapy after implantation of drug-eluting stents in patients nonresistant to aspirin: the randomized, multicenter ITALIC trial.” J Am Coll Cardiol 65:777-786.
Protocole : Italic
Donal E, Lund LH, Oger E, Hage C, Persson H, Reynaud A, Linde C, Daubert JC. "New echocardiographic predictors of clinical outcome in patients presenting with heart failure and a preserved left ventricular ejection fraction: a subanalysis of the Ka (Karolinska) Ren (Rennes) Study." Eur J heart Fail 17:680-688.
Protocole : KaRen
Leurent G, Corbineau H, Donal E. “Uncontrolled daily pulmonary oedema due to severe mitral regurgitation emergently and effectively corrected by Mitraclip® implantation.” Eur Heart J Acute Cardiovasc Care Epub ahead of print.
Protocole : Mitra-Fr
Isorni MA, Blanchard D, Teixeira N, le Breton H, Renault N, Gilard M, Lefèvre T, Mulak G, Danchin N, Spaulding C, Puymirat E. “Impact of gender on use of revascularization in acute coronary syndromes: The national observational study of diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization (ONACI).” Catheter Cardiovasc Interv 86:E58-E65.
Protocole : Onaci 
Bacquelin R, Oger E, Filippi E, Hacot JP, Auffret V, Le Guellec M, Leurent G, Gilard M, Le Breton H. "Safety of prasugrel in real-world patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: 1-year results from a prospective observational study (Bleeding and Myocardial Infarction Study)." Arch Cardiovasc Dis 109:31-38.
Protocole : ORBI
Reant P, Donal E, Schnell F, Reynaud A, Daudin M, Pillois X, Dijos M, Landelle M, Peyrou J, Cornolle C, Laurent F, Montaudon M, Roudaut R, Lafitte S. “Clinical and imaging description of the Maron subtypes of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.” Int J Cardiovasc Imaging 31:47-55.
Protocole : REMY
Mahida S, Derval N, Sacher F, Leenhardt A, Deisenhofer I, Babuty D, Schläpfer J, de Roy L, Frank R, Yli-Mayry S, Mabo P, Rostock T, Nogami A, Pasquié JL, de Chillou C, Kautzner J, Jesel L, Maury P, Berte B, Yamashita S, Roten L, Lim HS, Denis A, Bordachar P, Ritter P, Probst V, Hocini M, Jaïs P, Haïssaguerre M. “Role of electrophysiological studies in predicting risk of ventricular arrhythmia in early repolarization syndrome.” J Am Coll Cardiol 65:151-159.
Protocole : Repolarisation précoce
Gold MR, Daubert JC, Abraham WT, Ghio S, St John Sutton M, Harrison Hudnall J, Cerkvenik J, Linde C. “The Impact of Reverse Remodeling on Long Term Survival in Mildly Symptomatic Heart Failure Patients Receiving Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: Results from the REVERSE study.” Heart Rhythm Epub ahead of print.
Protocole : REVERSE
St John Sutton M, Cerkvenik J, Borlaug BA, Daubert JC, Gold MR, Ghio S, Linde C, Ky B. "Effects of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy on Cardiac Remodeling and Contractile Function: Results From Resynchronization Reverses Remodeling in Systolic Left Ventricular Dysfunction (REVERSE)". J Am Heart Assoc Epub ahead of print.
Protocole : REVERSE
Cohen A, Stellbrink C, Le Heuzey JY, Faber T, Aliot E, Banik N, Kropff S, Omran H, Leclercq C, SAFE-AF investigators. “SAfety of Fondaparinux in transoesophageal echocardiography-guided Electric cardioversion of Atrial Fibrillation (SAFE-AF) study: a pilot study.” Arch Cardiovasc Dis 108:122-131.
Protocole : SAFE-AF 
Healey JS, Hohnloser SH, Glikson M, Neuzner J, Mabo P, Vinolas X, Kautzner J, O'Hara G, VanErven L, Gadler F, Pogue J, Appl U, Gilkerson J, Pochet T, Stein KM, Merkely B, Chrolavicius S, Meeks B, Foldesi C, Thibault B, Connolly SJ; Shockless IMPLant Evaluation [SIMPLE] investigators. “Cardioverter defibrillator implantation without induction of ventricular fibrillation: a single-blind, non-inferiority, randomised controlled trial (SIMPLE).” Lancet 28:785-791.
Protocole : Simple
Khounlaboud M, Donal E, Auffret V, Anselmi A, Ingels A, Flécher E, Daubert JC, Mabo P, Leguerrier A. "Comparison of Preoperative and Postoperative Characteristics in Octogenarians Having Isolated Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement Before Versus After Introduction of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation." Am J Cardiol 116:933-937.
Protocole : TAVI

Articles non rattachés à des protocoles :

Anselmi A, Ruggieri VG, Harmouche M, Mascle S, Auffret V, Le Breton H, Beneux X, Verhoye JP. “Is the EuroSCORE II best suited for reoperative risk estimation in patients with structural deterioration of aortic bioprostheses?” Med Hypotheses 84:470-473.
Assanelli D, Levaggi R, Carré F, Sharma S, Deligiannis A, Mellwig KP, Tahmi M, Vinetti G, Aliverti P. “Cost-effectiveness of pre-participation screening of athletes with ECG in Europe and Algeria.” Intern Emerg Med 10:143-150.
Behaghel A, Brunet-Bernard A, Oger E, Martins R, Donal E, Fournet M, Mabo P, Daubert, JC. "Electrocardiographic correlates of mechanical dyssynchrony in recipients of cardiac resynchronization therapy devices." Arch Cardiovasc Dis 108:617-625.
Bernard A, Donal E, Leclercq C, Schnell F, Fournet M, Reynaud A, Thebault C, Mabo P, Daubert JC, Hernandez A. “Impact of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy on Left Ventricular Mechanics: Understanding the Response through a New Quantitative Approach Based on Longitudinal Strain Integrals.” J Am Soc Echocardiogr 28:700-708.
Carré F. "News in sport's cardiology: Too much sport harmful for the heart?" Presse Med 44:812-820.
Chatterjee NA, Roka A, Lubitz SA, Gold MR, Daubert JC, Linde C, Singh JP, Mela T. "Reduced appropriate implantable cardioverter-defibrillator therapy after cardiac resynchronization therapy-induced left ventricular function recovery: a meta-analysis and systematic review." Eur Heart J 36:2780-2789.
Claessen G, La Gerche A, Voigt JU, Dymarkowski S, Schnell F, Petit T, Delcroix M, Heidbuchel H. "Accuracy of Echocardiography to Evaluate Pulmonary Vascular and RV Function During Exercise." JACC Cardiovasc Imaging Epub ahead of print.
Daoudal A, Cardon A, Verhoye JP, Clochard E, Lucas A, Kaladji A. "Sealing zones have a greater influence than iliac anatomy on the occurrence of limb occlusion following endovascular aortic aneurysm repair." Vascular Epub ahead of print.
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Fauchier L, Marijon E, Defaye P, Piot O, Sadoul N, Perier MC, Gras D, Klug D, Algalarrondo V, Bordachar P, Deharo JC, Leclercq C, Babuty D, Boveda S, DAI-PP Investigators. “Effect of age on survival and causes of death after primary prevention implantable cardioverter-defibrillator implantation.” Am J Cardiol 115:1415-1422.
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Galli E, Guirette Y, Feneon D, Daudin M, Fournet M, Leguerrier A, Flecher E, Mabo P, Donal E. “Prevalence and prognostic value of right ventricular dysfunction in severe aortic stenosis.” Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging 16:531-538.
Gasparini M, Klersy C, Leclercq C, Lunati M, Landolina M, Auricchio A, Santini M, Boriani G, Proclemer A, Leyva F. “Validation of a simple risk stratification tool for patients implanted with Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: the VALID-CRT risk score.” Eur J Heart Fail 17:717-724.
Hai OY, Mentz RJ, Zannad F, Gasparini M, De Ferrari GM, Daubert JC, Holzmeister J, Lam CS, Pochet T, Vincent A, Linde C. “Cardiac resynchronization therapy in heart failure patients with less severe left ventricular dysfunction.” Eur J Heart Fail 17:135-143.
Iliou MC, Pavy B, Martinez J, Corone S, Meurin P, Tuppin P, Carré F, CRS investigators and GERS (Groupe Exercice Réadaptation, Sport) from French Society of Cardiology. “Exercise training is safe after coronary stenting: a prospective multicentre study.” Eur J Prev Cardiol 22:27-34.
Lancellotti P, Anker SD, Donal E, Edvardsen T, Popescu BA, Farmakis D, Filippatos G, Habib G, Maggioni AP, Jerusalem G, Galderisi M. “EACVI/HFA Cardiac Oncology Toxicity Registry in breast cancer patients: rationale, study design, and methodology (EACVI/HFA COT Registry)-EURObservational Research Program of the European Society of Cardiology.” Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging 16:466-470.
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Maréchaux S, Rusinaru D, Jobic Y, Ederhy S, Donal E, Réant P, Arnalsteen E, Boulanger J, Garban T, Ennezat PV, Jeu A, Szymanski C, Tribouilloy C. “Food and Drug Administration criteria for the diagnosis of drug-induced valvular heart disease in patients previously exposed to benfluorex: a prospective multicentre study.” Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging 16:158-165.
Marijon E, Bougouin W, Karam N, Beganton F, Lamhaut L, Perier MC, Carré F, Cariou A, Jouven X. "Survival from sports-related sudden cardiac arrest: In sports facilities versus outside of sports facilities." Am Heart J 170:339-345.
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Cardim N, Galderisi M, Edvardsen T, Plein S, Popescu BA, D'Andrea A, Bruder O, Cosyns B, Davin L, Donal E, Freitas A, Habib G, Kitsiou A, Petersen SE, Schroeder S, Lancellotti P, Camici P, Dulgheru R, Hagendorff A, Lombardi M, Muraru D, Sicari R. “Role of multimodality cardiac imaging in the management of patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: an expert consensus of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging Endorsed by the Saudi Heart Association.” Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging 16:280-285.
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