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Articles rattachés à des protocoles :

Boriani G, Kranig W, Donal E, Calo L, Casella M, Delarche N, Lozano IF, Ansalone G, Biffi M, Boulogne E, Leclercq C. “A Randomized Double-Blind Comparison of Biventricular Versus Left Ventricular Stimulation for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: The Biventricular Versus Left Univentricular Pacing with Icd Back-up in Heart Failure Patients (B-Left Hf) Trial.” Am Heart J 159:1052-1058.
Protocole : B-Left
Probst V, Veltmann C, Eckardt L, Meregalli PG, Gaita F, Tan HL, Babuty D, Sacher F, Giustetto C, Schulze-Bahr E, Borggrefe M, Haissaguerre M, Mabo P, Le Marec H, Wolpert C, Wilde AAM. “Long-Term Prognosis of Patients Diagnosed with Brugada Syndrome Results from the Finger Brugada Syndrome Registry.” Circulation 121:635-643.
Protocole : Brugada
Marijon E, Trinquart L, Otmani A, Leclercq C, Fauchier L, Chevalier P, Klug D, Defaye P, Lellouche N, Mansourati J, Deharo JC, Sadoul N, Anselme F, Maury P, Davy JM, Extramiana F, Hidden-Lucet F, Probst V, Bordachar P, Mansour H, Chauvin M, Jouven X, Lavergne T, Chatellier G, Le Heuzey JY. “Predictors for Short-Term Progressive Heart Failure Death in New York Heart Association Ii Patients Implanted with a Cardioverter Defibrillator--the Evadef Study.” Am Heart J 159:659-664.
Protocole : Evadef
Patural H, St-Hilaire M, Pichot V, Beuchée A, Samson N, Duvareille C, Praud J-P. “Postnatal Autonomic Activity in the Preterm Lamb. Research in Veterinary Science.” Res Vet Sci 89:242-249.
Protocole : FRSQ Inserm

Articles non rattachés à des protocoles :

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Grimard C, May MA, Mabo P, Babuty D. “An Original Defibrillation Lead Implantation to Avoid Tricuspid Prosthesis Damage.” Europace 12:589-590.
Lancellotti P, Donal E, Magne J, Moonen M, O'Connor K, Daubert JC, Pierard LA. “Risk Stratification in Asymptomatic Moderate to Severe Aortic Stenosis: The Importance of the Valvular, Arterial and Ventricular Interplay.” Heart 96:1364-1371.
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Ouvrages :

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Brevets et dépôt de logiciels app :

Carrault G, Hernandez A, Kachenoura A, Porée F. “Dispositif médical actif comprenant des moyens de reconstruction d’un électrocardiogramme de surface à partir d’un électrogramme endocavitaire. Date de dépôt : 6 avril 2010. N° de publication : EP 2238897B1. Date de publication : 13 avril 2011.
Guilloux V, Haigron P, Lucas A. "Method for Generating a Changeable Model of a Flexible Navigation Device, Model, Method and Device for Managing a Model Navigation, Computer Software Product and Storage Medium" WO Patent WO2010000589.
Hernandez AI, Cruz J, Dumont J, Altuve M, Carrault G. "Delice: Detection Estimation Library in Cardiology.”
Porée F, Carrault G, Kachenoura A, Hernandez A. "Reconstruction of a Surface Electrocardiogram from an Endocardial Electrogram Using Non-Linear Filtering". Date de dépôt : 6 avril 2010. N° de publication : US 2010/0256511A1. Date de publication : 7 octobre 2010.

Recommandations :

Corrado D, Pelliccia A, Heidbuchel H, Sharma S, Link M, Basso C, Biffi A, Buja G, Delise P, Gussac I, Anastasakis A, Borjesson M, Bjornstad HH, Carre F, Deligiannis A, Dugmore D, Fagard R, Hoogsteen J, Mellwig KP, Panhuyzen-Goedkoop N, Solberg E, Vanhees L, Drezner J, Estes NA, 3rd, Iliceto S, Maron BJ, Peidro R, Schwartz PJ, Stein R, Thiene G, Zeppilli P, McKenna WJ. “Recommendations for Interpretation of 12-Lead Electrocardiogram in the Athlete.” Eur Heart J 31:243-259.